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Enable Debug Mode From AdminCP 1.1a

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While I don't use Debug mode very often, I certainly find it convenient to do so with this simple add-on.(vs. Starting an FTP program, Starting an Editor program, Opening, Editing and then re-saving config.php)
Absolutely essential to my every day work developing on a live site. Normally I would IP whitelist the config but it gets tedious. The only way this could be better is if it allowed configuring users to be enabled for. Either way its still an essential item.
Useful to avoid editing the config file before and after every development session.
Finally found that :) Should be core, maybe with security question. Saves a lot of time, thank you Chris D!
Saving lots of time, thanks!
just brilliant:)
Because if built-in TM now I'm using this daily :) Thanks Chris!
Fantastic add-on. This saved my bacon today.
great idea!
works as intended, no bugs!
Works as advertised. ;) Will save developers that have changing IPs some grief.
Have to agree with the rest. This makes it so much easier to do. Much quicker this way. Ahh, more coffee drinking, less file config editing!
Chris Deeming, Making the Easier, Easier since 2012 and I wish you always stay here with Us and XenForo :)
Here's another addon from Chris that will obviously be in a future version of xF. Thanks !
Yet another useful add-on by chris. Excellent work.
The query count does not show because your code does not enable Zend_Db_Profiler ;) just add 'XenForo_Application::getDb()->setProfiler(true);' in your InitDependencies listener ;)
Works perfectly! Saves me having to mess with the config file every time!
Chris D
Chris D
Chris Deeming. Making the lazier, lazier since 2012.