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  2. 2.2
  3. 2.3
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Displays Elasticsearch information.

This add-on is very useful for deleting no longer used Elasticsearch indexes.

Note: this add-on only works on locally installed instances of Elasticsearch.

(Example of Elasticsearch information page)


  • Easily delete any Elasticsearch index.
  • All phrases start with elasticsearchinformation_ for your convenience.
How to use:

Add 'elasticsearchinformation' to your forum URL. Must be an admin to view this page.

Note 1:

From the terminal you can use the following commands to check and or start Elasticsearch:

service elasticsearch status

service elasticsearch start

Note 2:

If Elasticsearch is not restarting when your do a System reboot, enter the following terminal command to have Elacticsearch automatically start when the system is rebooted:

systemctl enable elasticsearch
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Latest updates

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    Elasticsearch information v1.5 changes: Improved error handling.
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    Elasticsearch information v1.4 changes: No longer shows .geoip_databases information.
  3. See description

    Elasticsearch information v1.3 changes: Improved error handling.
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