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Easy User Ban 2 by Siropu 2.0.4

No permission to buy (€14.99)
If you care not about warnings, warning points, or other stuff and just need straight forward ban options, this is absolutely ideal.

The display and notification options are top notch and adds something that many users complain is lacking.

Implements great with other addons from other developers (Xon), to create a rock solid setup for user bans and warnings.
I find this add-on very practical, no need to have the panel to manage bans, it's much faster and it's very understandable. I recommend this add-on as well as its developer !
Amazing version. When I switched to this, I removed several add-on's by others trying to give staff access to ban features and information. This truly is a single solution that fits use by all levels of staff.
This is a help to our community for keeping banned users organized and making it easier and quicker to ban when necessary. Quality as always and a great site asset.