Dimension (dark)

Dimension (dark) 2.1.10

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Large updates (including new settings) for the grid view, style improvements to numerous areas throughout the theme and bug fixes.
  • By popular demand, node grids can now be isolated to specific nodes.
  • Removed the box styles from grid wrappers on certain themes for a cleaner look
  • Node stats (thread and message numbers) can be hidden from grid view via a setting to create a cleaner look
  • Improved alignment of Register button when a background is applied
  • Reduced clutter on the “Alert” guess message design resulting in a more compact layout
  • Fixed the background of overlays which incorrectly used the Page Background color instead of the Content Background Colour (a bug with the default XenForo theme).
  • Discord social icon now works with discord.gg
  • Added a setting which resets the browser cache on javascript or image files. Helpful when uploading new background images.
  • “Pro themes” have been exported as a parent/child combination. An installation tutorial is now available for Pro themes on the XenFocus support forums.
  • Fixed Pinterest social icon to display when the .co.uk URL is used
  • Fixed alignment of footer when the theme picker was removed
  • Long topic titles are now truncated using an ellipsis when grid view is enabled
  • Updated for XenForo 2.0.12
  • Neatened spacing of icons in user panel
  • Corrected alignment of navigation when using the search link instead of search bar
  • Converted Discord social icon into svg
  • Improved clickable node rows
  • Removed incorrect margin on RSS icon in footer
  • Added setting to adjust visibility of both the search bar and search link
  • Added setting to remove text in user panel and only show icons (to prepare for 2.1 release)
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