[DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics

[DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics

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  • Fixed issue with compatibility with old versions of PHP.
  • Requires PHP 7.0 or higher (just getting too annoying/difficult to maintain backward compatibility with very old versions of PHP on old versions of XenForo).
  • Exception reporting works again by changing pageLocation dimension to pagePath (Google seems to not allow reporting on URLs with full query string any longer... maybe a privacy thing?)
This version has nothing added other than support for XenForo's new cookie consent system. If you are using a version of XenForo prior 2.2.12, it has no effect. There's also no effect if you aren't using the new cookie consent system.

The only situation where this update would be needed is if you are using XenForo 2.2.12+ and you are using the new Advanced (Beta) cookie consent option.
A minor update with the following:
  • itemPurchaseQuantity metric updated to itemsPurchased (per breaking changes to Google Analytics Reporting API going into effect Dec 1, 2022)
  • New item-scoped metrics added to E-commerce section of weekly heat map (itemsAddedToCart, itemsCheckedOut, itemsViewed and itemsViewedInList)
  • Don't try to track emails being read if the outgoing email has no HTML part (emails being sent manually as 'Plain text')
  • Suppress error if there is a transient Google Analytics API issue on the main admin page (won't show an error when attempting to display real-time map on the admin index page)
  • Changed the explanation text on the debug option to be more clear that it creates server error log entries for debugging server-side events
  • Fixed issue where chart dimensions would be mislabeled/incorrectly grouped on the chart
  • Added "Purchase revenue" as dimension option for charts
  • Added "Item purchase quantity" as dimension option for charts
  • Fixed issue where an old installation of legacy (XF1) version of add-on would cause installation issues of this (XF2) version of add-on.
  • Fixed issue where some email sent/email read events wouldn't get logged if you are tracking events by user ID.
  • Added missing phrases for "city" and "region".
  • Added ability to debug events going through backend measurement protocol.
  • Using new Google Analytics Admin API endpoint (going from v1alpha to v1beta).
  • New user group permission: Do not track with Google Analytics
  • Removed usage of abstract class that required XF 2.2.0+ to exist.
  • Added geographic dimensions (city, region, country) as options for charts.
  • Added "Signed in user" as an available dimension for charts.
  • Give a better error message about Organic Google search dimensions requiring an association to the respective Google Search Console property (including link to make that association).
  • Using XenForo's filter system to allow users to remove URI from URI-specific chart (when viewing chart from icon in staff bar).
  • Chart icon link in staff bar will give a thread-specific chart when viewing a thread.
  • Chart icon link in staff bar will give a user-specific chart when viewing a member profile.
  • Raised execution order of template modification that adds to staff bar (helps with compatibility with other add-ons).
The thread filtering allows you to generate charts that spans the events just for that thread (across multiple pages of the thread).


The user filtering works in a similar way where you see the events (like page views) only for a particular logged in user. As an example, this would be the site usage for a single user broken down by the device category they were using: