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Unmaintained Dealing With Forum Spam

Very helpful… proved to be extremely useful for me to clean up close to 100,000 spam messages that appeared from 150 users over the course of three days. Spam Cleaner couldn't handle it, but this advice saved so much frustration! Thanks for writing this.
Amazing job putting all this together!
Very Very Nice Compilation and Tutorial !
Excellent! Exactly what I needed.
The Best thing ever!
Nice Guide! great tips on dealing with spam
Great guide! Thank you !
Jake for president!
Awesome, bookmarked.
Superb information. Thank you for doing the leg work to compile all these resources.
Thanks for compiling this - very comprehensive guide
Love the guide mate :)
this is great. Thank you Jake.
Great guide, had no spam sneak through since implementing a just a few of these suggestions
Great guide, Jake.
thumbs up!