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[cXF] Widget Tabs 1.1.3

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Create a widget and add additional widgets inside and show them as tabs. More in screens below

  • create up to 8 tabs and add widgets to preset widget positions
  • add an icon for widget tab title
  • easy choose between two tab header styles
  • show widgets title (useful if you want to have more widgets in the same tab)
  • hide tabs to a certain user group with permissions

DEMO on our site

How does it work?

Create a widget [cXF] Widgets Tabs and set a position where you would like to show it:

wt_ create_widget.png

2. Create or add existing widgets and set Display positions for tabs:


3. Go to Options > [cXF] Widget Tabs and enter titles for each tab to show.

4. Go to Style properties > [cXF] Widget Tabs and check additional styling.


< hide tabs to a certain user group with permission >



< demo widgets in tabs >


< demo widgets in tabs in sidebar >


< example of more widgets in the same tab >

wt_ more_widgets_in_same_tab.png

< easily change tabs heading style >

wt_ style_2.png

< add icons to tab title >

wt_ tab_icons.png

< demo widget tabs on customizexf.com >

wt_ demo_cxf.png
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.3

    under the hood update: added code for data-widget parameters
  2. 1.1.2

    bugfix for widget titles; options in style properties are slightly changed. It is recommended...
  3. 1.1.1

    bugfix: small CSS fix for tabs border

Latest reviews

Really cool. My main use for it was to add latest threads by category to both the homepage and the What's New overview. With this you don't have to set up an html widget to add tabs to your homepage, and I always had a problem with my Themehouse styles not resizing correctly when I did that in the past, but this works with all my styles, no problem.
Thank you. I'm glad you find it useful and thank you for review.
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