[cXF] Widget Homepage

[cXF] Widget Homepage 1.6.7

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  • FIX: changed template modification for the Bottom widget position to work with Siropu's Ads Manager.
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  • fix: if you use a custom title and description from the add-on Options page, now the right content is shown when unfurling
  • more CSS optimization: some superfluous code removed, changed code when using sideNav and sideBar to fix the issue with Media Slider widget
  • bugfix when using sidebar and sidenav (issue in some browsers)
  • added new widget position: bottom (check the map of the positions on the overview page)
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  • route changed
IMPORTANT: if you are already using this add-on after the upgrade make sure to edit your Index page route (in Options > Basic options) to cxf-homepage
  • CSS fix for mobile small logo on homepage
  • new option to add homepage description
  • removed the breadcrumb option
  • added option to set custom title for the homepage (optionally hide it)
  • new widget position added: Top

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