[cXF] Widget Homepage

[cXF] Widget Homepage 1.6.1

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  • CSS fix for mobile small logo on homepage
  • new option to add homepage description
  • removed the breadcrumb option
  • added option to set custom title for the homepage (optionally hide it)
  • new widget position added: Top

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  • CSS bugfix for homepage header
  • option to show action buttons on homepage (Forum list, New posts, Post thread)
Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 12.19.38.png
  • CSS change for sidenav and sidebar in mobile view
  • option to set custom logo image alt attribute
  • option to set custom logo tooltip
  • bugfix when both sidebar and sidenav positions are used
  • [new feature]: custom homepage header and logo
  • option to show homepage custom header (see screenshots below)
  • option to add a custom logo to the homepage
  • option to add a widget to header
  • option to show the custom header on mobile
  • many options in style properties to edit the homepage header and logo

See it live on our site or below:

< custom header examples - only on the homepage, on other pages the header is default style (screenshot #2) >

wh_header_demo_1.png wh_header_demo_2.png wh_header_demo_3.png wh_header_demo_4.png wh_header_demo_5.png wh_header_demo_6.png wh_header_demo_7.png