[cXF] Remove username link

[cXF] Remove username link 1.1.0

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Excellent plugin. You don't have many options for keeping the member pages away from Google. You can block them in robots.txt, but then you receive errors in Google Webmaster Console. You can alternately block the member pages with permissions, but then you're essentially linking to a lot of blocked auth 403 pages. You can also add the noindex meta tag to the member pages, but this is not the correct solution. With this plugin, you don't link to the pages at all, which solves all problems. The plugin uses permissions, so those who are logged in can visit the member pages, but those who aren't (crawlers), can't. One of my forum pages went from 730 links down to 400 with this plugin.
Thank you for you review. Glad to see it's so useful for you.