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Unmaintained Create Thread on warning 1.2

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I think there's no description necessary;)
After the installation you'll find a new option group
where you can configure the user & forum where these stuff should be created

Github repository:

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Latest updates

  1. Create Thread on Warning

    Changehistory: Fixed bug with too long Thread titles (they will be shorted automatic) There...
  2. Create Thread on Warning

    Changehistory: The code was changed so each content type use now a own phrase for the thread...
  3. Create Thread on warning

    The package was cleaned up (all unnecessary files were removed)

Latest reviews

Absolutely essential for my moderator's workflow. Thanks!
Works great, does what it promises, and it's something that bigger forums might appreciate. Small forums perhaps can just use the default. Thanks R.
This is something that we had in vB and it is a great tool for the mods. Nice job to ragtek for this one!
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