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Unmaintained Count Member Profile Views 1.3

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  • Fixes clash with Waindigo Friends add-on (Thank you Waindigo and Volion) (y)
  • Uses correct <xen:username syntax for displaying the username in the sidebar. As a result, the username now opens the member card (Thank you Harry Fox) (y)
  • Now uses delayed insert to update the profile view count on an hourly Cron Entry (Thank you Lawrence) (y)
  • Your view count no longer increases when you view your own profile
  • Includes option to prevent duplicate profile visits being logged by the same user (within the hourly Cron Entry period).
  • Includes option to show the X (default 5) most recent profile views (again, this only applies within the hourly Cron Entry period, it is then reset).
  • New Admin CP page: Admin CP > Users > Profile Views.
  • View the profile view counts, reset for individual users or reset for all users.


Fixes clash with Borbole's Recent Posts add-on
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Sorry about that, folks.

This update fixes the error upon accessing member cards.

Just re-upload the files - no need to run the XML install.
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