Conversations Prune

Conversations Prune 1.0

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After importing our vB data into XF, we had a ton of outdated and forgotten PMs that were converted into XF Conversations.

I had no idea there was no (XF core) provision to remove those old discussions and was even more surprised when I learned an Admin could not mass-delete them.

After a brief bit of snooping around, I found AndyB's Conversations Prune add-on and with just a couple of setup parameters it was off & running. Even better yet once you set it, you can forget it as it'll continue to tidy things up for you in the background. The suggested Phrase Edit is an excellent idea, in order to let your users know just how long older conversations will stick around before being removed.
A must have add-on in fact! Removed +250000 old conversations in just some minutes. Those old conversations were a problem since I used CometChat in my forum and synced conversations with chats and rebuilt conversations. But with this Great tool, no more problem about it. Once again we see Andy with must have add-ons here. Thanks a lot. Wish you the best.
I knew that Andy was working on this little gem. Conversations Prune with Andy's Auto Delete addon make it easier for Xenforo webmasters keeping their forum in check. Thanks!