Conversation Essentials

Conversation Essentials 2.7.6

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  • Fix conversation "Preview Length" option not accepting 0 to disable it
  • On an invalid export format, give a more useful error message instead of a server-side error
  • Performance improvements when a very large number of conversations are present.
    • Reduce query complexity by removing unneeded joins, and ensuring filtering only touches the minimum number of tables.
  • Fix kicked users not being re-invitable
  • Fix admins/mods not seeing a user has left a conversation
  • Allow users to see that a kicked user has left the conversation even if they do not have the "[ConvEss] View members who have left" permission
  • Add "Show users who have left but accept future messages as gone" style property (default enabled)
  • Compatibility fix for Conversation Monitor add-on
  • php 8.1 compatibility
  • Require XF2.2+
  • Document required php extensions;
    • zip - required for the conversation export feature
  • Improvements to conversation export feature
    • Fix json export not being fully valid
    • Reduce IO & memory usage during export
    • Display a useful message when an export is requested
    • Improve robustness of the export process
  • Fix kicked user could not be re-invited to a conversation
  • Fix "[ConvEss] Can use conversation labels" permission not being respected in conversation list view if a conversation had a label
  • Fix inviting a user into a conversation they are already active in triggered conversation invite alerts
  • Fix conversation prefixes/labels label tracking had a number of flaws
    • On-install rebuild prefix/label statistics
    • If conversation prefixes/labels are recorded as having unread, but has no conversations, force a rebuild on viewing that prefix/label
  • Improve default permission setup for new installs
  • Add "[ConvEss] Can sticky conversations" permission
  • Add "[ConvEss] View members who have left" permission
  • Add "[ConvEss] Can unwatch/mute conversation" permission
  • Add sticky/unsticky button for conversations as this is a per-user feature not just for the conversation starter
  • Add "unread" filter to conversation label/prefix list views
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  • Prevent deadlocks when sending many simultaneous registration welcome conversations
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  • Prefix known global functions to avoid a current namespace lookup for the function.
  • Classify "[ConvEss] Copy conversation messages to thread" permission as a moderator permission
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  • Fix leaving a conversation unexpectedly marking other conversation recipients as having left since v2.4.1 of this add-on
    • This may have resulted in accidental conversation deleting if the "Prevent conversation hard-delete" option was disabled.
  • When copying a conversation to a thread, do not bail out on approximately 1 page of messages.

v2.5.2 change notes;
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • When converting a long conversation to a thread, avoid possible timeouts and dropping copying messages to a thread
    • Note; the posts are copied in the background and may take a while if job.php is not invoked repeatedly by the front-end!
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  • Fix conversation breadcrumb incorrectly listing the "label" link
  • On accessing conversation/labeled route without permission, just redirect to the main conversation list
  • Fix that conversation export did not correctly have dependencies packaged with add-on's redistributable
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  • Minor fix related to supressing conversation alert on reply
  • Add missing "[ConvEss] Conversation Wrapper" widget position, overhauls rendering of the svConvEss_conversation_list_wrapper template
  • Add new permission "Can use conversation labels", applied to groups with the "Can create conversation labels" permission.
    Please check permission configuration to ensure users can continue to use the label system as expected.
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  • Remove unused phrases
  • Fix "Disallow suppressing alerts from conversation started by" option not being fully respected when unwatching a conversation
  • Fix consistency issues on unwatched watch/unwatch conversation dialog
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