Conversation Essentials

Conversation Essentials 2.7.0

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  • Require StandardLib v1.11.0+
    • Improve support for rendering templates in the mail & api contexts by correctly injecting template filters/functions into multiple rendering contexts
  • Add type hinting to various add-on only methods
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  • Fix recipient list did not show the membership card pop-up for users who haven't left the conversation
  • Fix "Attempt to read property "is_admin" on null" with moderator auto-response feature and deleted users
  • Fix error when a conversation is created where a conversation recipient has already left
  • Fix last message date for conversations in the trash folder would report the last read date (which may not have been captured) rather than the last message's date
  • Fix "Call to a member function hydrateRelation() on bool"
  • Fix conversation "Preview Length" option not accepting 0 to disable it
  • On an invalid export format, give a more useful error message instead of a server-side error
  • Performance improvements when a very large number of conversations are present.
    • Reduce query complexity by removing unneeded joins, and ensuring filtering only touches the minimum number of tables.
  • Fix kicked users not being re-invitable
  • Fix admins/mods not seeing a user has left a conversation
  • Allow users to see that a kicked user has left the conversation even if they do not have the "[ConvEss] View members who have left" permission
  • Add "Show users who have left but accept future messages as gone" style property (default enabled)
  • Compatibility fix for Conversation Monitor add-on
  • php 8.1 compatibility
  • Require XF2.2+
  • Document required php extensions;
    • zip - required for the conversation export feature
  • Improvements to conversation export feature
    • Fix json export not being fully valid
    • Reduce IO & memory usage during export
    • Display a useful message when an export is requested
    • Improve robustness of the export process
  • Fix kicked user could not be re-invited to a conversation
  • Fix "[ConvEss] Can use conversation labels" permission not being respected in conversation list view if a conversation had a label
  • Fix inviting a user into a conversation they are already active in triggered conversation invite alerts
  • Fix conversation prefixes/labels label tracking had a number of flaws
    • On-install rebuild prefix/label statistics
    • If conversation prefixes/labels are recorded as having unread, but has no conversations, force a rebuild on viewing that prefix/label
  • Improve default permission setup for new installs
  • Add "[ConvEss] Can sticky conversations" permission
  • Add "[ConvEss] View members who have left" permission
  • Add "[ConvEss] Can unwatch/mute conversation" permission
  • Add sticky/unsticky button for conversations as this is a per-user feature not just for the conversation starter
  • Add "unread" filter to conversation label/prefix list views
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  • Prevent deadlocks when sending many simultaneous registration welcome conversations
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