Conditional Statements for XenForo 2

Unmaintained Conditional Statements for XenForo 2

Some of the best ever! Thank you for this section, the examples allow "normal" admins to adapt templates and functions to your own needs. This is how I imagine "Community".
A fantastic resource for us starting out on our styling and modding Xenforo Journey. Are their any more that I can read through and review?
Incredibly informative. Need more like this, template expressions and similar since most of us aren't programmers.
Stunning this isn't in the official resources. So vital. Does anyone have a good list of template variables?
Wow! Just what I was looking for. I love the examples given. Why isn't this in the official documentation?
Superb resource. I was about to ask for these conditional statements for XF 2.0 and got this one. Very useful.
Thanks very much! I wish there was a xenForo 2 for Dummies Book. This helps a lot since I'm not a programmer.
nothing to say buddy . just excellent. it's basic but no one posts it. thanks for the quiet information
Wow this was incredibly helpful! I hope to see more good guides like this for Xenforo 2 soon. Thank you!
Helped me very much in placing ads after a certain amount of posts. Thank you very much for that comprehensive list!
I thank you for the reviews.