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Collaborative Resources 1.3.2

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Communities are about sharing and collaboration, so I see this as an essential add-on. At the very least, edit history should be in core. Thank you Xon for taking on this project, saving us from clunky wiki software!
Excellent add-on and definitely recommend for any forums that requires some threads to have multiple editors.
It is very lightweight yet offers a lot of features and permissions.

Very satisfied with the support provided by Xon. It shows that Xon really cares about delivering the best. Communication was great, instant replies and detailed messages. Not only did Xon provide support for the issue I had but also for general information about the forums and other add-ons (from other content owners) that would help me out.

A useful addition when sales are conducted by 2 people or more or are developing something in a joint project and it is very convenient to inform and manage the resource
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