Classifieds 1.2.0

No permission to buy ($60.00)
  • Improvements to the workflow for creating and managing paid ads.
  • If a description is set for a condition, display it on the listing add/edit page.
  • Harden code that adjusts listing counts for users.
  • When editing listings, properly display the contact email address if one has been provided.
  • Don't show tags on the listing edit page.
  • Make sure a receipt is sent when a paid ad is purchased.
  • Clean up setup steps.
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  • If there's only one package available, hide package selection on listing add/edit.
  • Add the ability to give conditions a description and display these on the listing view.
  • Minor design improvements to ensure consistency.
  • Ensure a listing's deletion properly closes or deletes the associated thread.
  • Fix an issue where listing statuses would not be properly respected.
  • Move currency display to a getter.
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  • Harden template modifications.
  • Fix an issue preventing new listing threads being created in certain cases.
  • Don't show image slider if there isn't more than one image attached.
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  • Require XenForo 2.2+.
  • Require PHP 7.2+.
  • Require Standard Library.
  • Confirm support for XF 2.2.
  • Add support for thread types.
  • Make sure last_update sort order actually works.
  • Add ability to undelete listings that was strangely missing.
  • Remove unused alert opt-outs and ensure the remaining ones are correctly phrased.
  • Fix an issue where classified moderator permissions were not being displayed as such.
  • Fix an issue where classified moderator permissions were not being displayed as such.
  • Various code clean up and standardisation with my other add-ons.
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  • Make purpose of customisable quick info phrases clearer.
  • Only show active conditions when creating new listings.
  • Only load geocomplete and Google Maps JS if the options for it are configured.
Just as a heads up, I (NixFifty) now maintain this add-on so more frequent updates to follow. :)
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  • Fixes issues caused by cached custom fields
  • New listing view design.
  • Fix custom fields not saving.
  • Fix content not being censored properly.
  • Add per-category listing templates.
  • Added missing phrase for reactions.
  • Fix issues with payment awaiting page.
  • Fix issue where listings weren’t always validated before saving.
  • Add default image for listings with no attachments.
  • Add option to show default image instead of avatars on listing list.
  • Added missing behavior for custom fields to Listing entity.
  • Added missing isWatched to both Category and Listing entities.
  • Add ability to show full attachment image instead of thumbnail.
  • Fix error when selecting listings for moderation.
  • Fix broken authors area.
  • Fix various typos.
  • Fixed issue when marking a listing as sold
  • Fixed broken link on what’s new
  • Fixed several email issues
  • Made all of a user’s listings available to them in the list view
  • Added support for managing watched listings and categories
  • Added widget to overview of what’s new
  • Fixed ability to include listings without conditions
  • Added ability for moderators to close any listing
  • Improved ability for moderators to open any listing
  • Added ability to clear sold status on a listing (removes the ability for the sold user to provide feedback)
  • Add missing news feed template
  • Fixed issue when attempting to delete a payment profile in use by a package
  • Fixed an issue where a moderator’s email would be saved to a listing’s contact information.
  • Fixed an issue where pagination wouldn't work on categories and author's pages.
  • Fix issue causing rebuild errors with likes
  • Add missing icon to option group
  • Auto select radio based options if only one is present (only on new listings)
  • Fixes add-on conflict
  • Add missing upgrade step for an older upgrade
  • Fix broken feedback alert
  • Allow quick info phrases to be changed on a per-category basis.
  • Add classifieds to the sitemap
  • Cleanup installer

As a note, this update is smaller in scale due to not having time to work on the add-on until recently. This has changed for at least a couple months so updates should be more regular.