Classifieds 1.2.0

No permission to buy ($60.00)
Abandonware. Should really be delisted or handed off to someone who will continue to develop it on an ongoing basis.
no response in the xf forum or on the developers page. Tickets are ignored. Wont suggest to buy because of uncertain future
Non existent support, tickets on developers website completely ignored. Zero support for bugs and issues with the software.
Do not buy.
Bugs that renders the addon not useable as advertised are still present for the last 4 (!) months. (listings expires even if you don't want them to, and then they disappear and cannot be re-listed).

Developer ignores when asking on when we can expect this to get fixed and bug reports are still unresolved. Dev does not respond even to tickets on his own support site. I've asked about this since early November.

There are other addons (for a similar price) on the market that has vastly better features and actually good support. So do research your options.

My previous review was in October 2020 when Nix took over and promised "better communication, more updates and fixed issues". Needless to say, that has not happened.
Works really well. Once you install it, that is :) The addon is perfect, I just wish there was an installation manual for the less privileged, like myself ;)
It's been 4 months since the last communication from the developer, on this addon. After he took over, we were promised better communication, more updates and fixed issues.
Instead, we have nothing. Good suggestions are not being considered, questions about the addon are not responded to. Not even a single response in the thread is provided regarding the future of this addon, 2.2 compability, future features and so on.

At this time, avoid until he picks up and updates his course.
Another awesome quality add-on from Nixfifty! Stable, well written and the developer takes customer feedback into account for future releases. Countless add-ons that push communities to the next level! A++
This is a great classifieds addon and the developer is fast to fix any bugs you may find.
Happy Customer here :)
Since a couple of years I used a subforum as a marketplace. i am really glad to have now this addon to have a specific area to selling stuff.
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