One of my very first themes with a XenForo license. Another fantastic theme of of many which truly do create a premium user experience with the look-and-feel factor. Class truly does have unlimited possibilities with colors, patterns, and more!
Love this theme no doubt. Right now it is the only theme available to my users. Is feature packed. So many options that you literally spend hours customizing it from the available options to get a look that suites your need.

There was a bug I found which I reported which would be fixed in the next build. Apart from that it has been quite fantastic.
Thank you so much for the review, I am glad the product is working out. If you ever need anything I will be right there to help!
Awesome update...Thanks a ton :)
Superb theme and amazing support...Implemented @ FixMyStuff.In :)
Letting people change the color is awesome. Every other theme should have this
Looks so professional!