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Unmaintained [ChipXF] Mobile Switcher (can disable other addons for mobile) 1.0

No permission to download
This addon automatic detect mobile browser and switch to mobile style

This is my first add-on submit to Xenforo, i know have similar addon submited by other developer, but it have no option to disable other addon when system loaded

May be someone needs the option (at least is me ^^!) then i share it

  • Auto detect mobile browser
  • Switch to mobile style
  • Disable other addons not needed for mobile easy load

How to install ?
  1. Upload ChipXF/ folder to library
  2. Import XML file
  3. Enjoy
First release
Last update
3.67 star(s) 3 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Re-upload (empty folder)

    re-upload for empty folder @@

Latest reviews

Installed per directions. Does not detect and change style on droid razr maxx or iPhone 5 as described. Appears to have uninstalled without problems.
thank you tons
Great! Thanks! :)