Change "Post New Thread" Button (per forum)

Unmaintained Change "Post New Thread" Button (per forum) 1.0

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Good idea, but takes no effect on a German board! Don't know why, maybe because it's only allowed for Admins, to create threads in this forum where I wanted to change the text.
It's doing a template replacement on just this: {xen:phrase post_new_thread}
That would exist in ANY style, unless you've made your own customisations, so I fail to see how it doesn't work. Can you please discuss this in the "discussion" tab so I can understand your issue?
This is a very helpful add-on,Works fine in my 1.5 forum without issues, I'm using Arabic characters and all is working fine, many thanks to developer.
Thanks Sami!
Very bad support, after reported bugs, author of plugin not even respond on questions about mentioned errors and bug fix.So i rate this resource very negative.