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Change header based on time of day

Super, actually we have 2 header images which get equal points in competition, now both are live :D
That's awesome :D
great job!
Saw this gem a while before I bought Xenforo. I just now tried it on my forum and it's a really neat easy to do trick.
Woweeee how amazing :D love it mate. thanks didn't know you could do that lols.
I use this for my logo :D
One of my favorite little eye candy toys. And I've learned I can use TMS to impute all of this so, yay me! :-D (thanks)
Top notch modification - my members love it and I stand in awe at the simplicity of the idea as well as the execution. If you want to surprise your members this is a novel and neat way to do so. Don't forget to leave a review comment - a little recognition goes a long way :)
I've been meaning to do this on my site but i'm sure posted by jake it'll work as describe. Excellent resource.