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Breadcrumb Essentials for Xenforo 2 adds numerous popular and requested features by the Xenforo community! Finally, you can customize your breadcrumb with useful Style Properties which have been missing in XF2. You can also enable the Xenforo 1 appearance, by popular request! Breadcrumb Essentials also gives you full control over breadcrumb visibility. Show or hide the top or bottom position, and even manually set each based on page type!

Breadcrumb Essentials bundles over a dozen page location settings, with more fine-tuned control to come.

** Beta Notice **
This addon will remain in beta for roughly one week while collecting bug reports and feedback/suggestions.

  • Make easy changes with useful Style Properties!
  • Enable the XF1-style breadcrumb
  • Hide the top or bottom breadcrumb globally, or specify per-page!
  • Style separately between XF1 and XF2 appearance
  • Style the breadcrumb container and items (regular, hover, home, and active items)!
  • Move the Share buttons into the breadcrumb
  • Show home icon
  • Show first-level page titles following the home item ("What's New", "Forums", etc)
  • Add a button with icon to the right of the breadcrumb
  • Change the item separator icon (> or /)

Customize via Style Properties:

Xenforo 1 Style Breadcrumb:

Move Share buttons into breadcrumb:

Add a custom link with icon:

Customize the breadcrumb separately for XF1 or XF2 appearance:

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