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Unmaintained [BP] Welcome Notice 1.0.3

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Simply added a phrase for register and login buttons in case someone needed to translate or wanted a quick way to change the text. (was possible before from template edit)

2 phrases added:

  • bp_register_now
  • bp_login

For register now button and login button. Simply
I recommend upgraded to this version. Just a small css issue if the widget option was not selected and you tried to make a widget. This should do it. Everything works as intended. If your options were selected properly it would not matter

I also recommend upgrading your xenforo version to xenforo 2.1.8 patch 2 as there was a bug with xenforos software in xenforo 2.1.8 and 2.1.8 patch 1 with template modifications not being applied.
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Added a login button configurable in style properties that can be either enabled or disabled there as well as made it easier to use the widget.

Currently to set the widget the setting for the below nav has to be disabled. Now the widget will display either way but you will just have 2 instances of the welcome notice if you don't set the option to be disabled on the below navigation option
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