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This add-on was mainly created to use on my site with a new style I was creating for it. I have decided to release it to the community for free. I know users have done this before but this one is free and has a decent amount of options. I was using @BassMan paid add-on but decided to make my own new one with better options and make it more user friendly. This add-on also works with 2.0 but if your not using Xenforo 2.1 or higher you will simply need to change the register or login button icon from font awesome 5 to font awesome 4. This can be done by simply going to the register or login button button style property and editing the preset css in the extra box.

Options include:

  • Ability to add title, description text, and image right from style properties
  • Ability to make notice full width or partial width right below navigation, directly above forums
  • Ability to make a widget out of it to get use out of other available positions
  • Ability to of course show logged out users only the notice but also for debugging purposes while setting it up to show admins only
  • Ability to show notice on forum home page only.
  • Unique option to add an overlay to keep the welcome image from standing out too much. Can choose overlay colors
  • Option to choose opacity for image
  • Style properties available for custom styling

    If you need help setting it up drop me a message.

    If you've never installed an add-on please refer to the official Xenforo 2 documentation. This add-on uses no php code except to render the widget template. It's mostly done via template modifications.

Brad Padgett
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Latest updates

  1. phrase update

    Simply added a phrase for register and login buttons in case someone needed to translate or...
  2. Fixed some css issues with one of the style properties

    I recommend upgraded to this version. Just a small css issue if the widget option was not...
  3. Added Configurable Login Button in style propertie and made it easier to use the widget

    Added a login button configurable in style properties that can be either enabled or disabled...

Latest reviews

As the author says in the description, this add-on is very user friendly and makes it a breeze to customize for your forum. All custom values are available right in the style, so you can customize it to match each style your forum uses. There are also different options for displaying placement of the banner. Very well thought out, and very useful. Thank you for making this available to the community! :)
Brad Padgett
Brad Padgett
Thank for the review. I'm glad you like it
This is an excellent resource. Installed easily and works quite well. Still figuring out a few thing but easy so far. Adds a nice pro touch to a basic forum.

Very happy with it :)
Brad Padgett
Brad Padgett
Thank you for your review
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