Binance Pay Cryptocurrency

Binance Pay Cryptocurrency 1.0.0

No permission to buy ($125.00)
install & set up procedures:

1. download addon, install it via ACP > Add-ons

2. go to the Binance Pay merchant account

Binance Pay Merchant Management Portal (MMP)

go to Webhooks, add payment callback URL

create an API

get API Key & Secret Key

3. go to ACP > Setup > Payment profiles

Add payment profile

Title: Binance Pay

Display Title: Binance Pay

API identity key: input your API Key

API secret key: input your Secret Key

Return URL:

Cancel URL:


4. By default USDT is not listed as currency in XenForo
that's why the simple steps are:

set up user upgrades in USD, choose PayPal only & save
go to user upgrades again to edit, select Binance Pay & save