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Unmaintained [bd] Rotating Ads 2.0

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This is an awesome resource for any forum small to large!
Works great, as intended and is super easy to use!

On a side note until the option to change your avatar gets added in, I have made a few edits to allow the use of a custom avatar! This does require a few template edits and changes. You can find out more here:
Very nice edits. I may try to add an option for easier avatar change though :) Thank you.
Great Addon..
Works Great and is Free!!!!
Top quality addon From great developer
Thanks xfrocks!
If you can add option to display ads within selected nodes it can be more than great!
A little surprised something like this is not a standard feature of the core product, it's such an important feature. Thanks so much for this, does exactly what I need and works perfectly.
I love this addon... it works great!
Simply awsome!
Outstanding, well done with this one
great add and its free :)
Great addon!
very good plugin , thank you
Very nice!
Just what I need for a growing local community site. Thank you for your work in releasing this as a free add-on.
fantastic resource. Exactly what I needed
Worked perfectly right out of the box. Thanks!
Lovely add-on and so very helpful = Thanks so much!
Simply one of the best free 3rd party plugins available for XF
Excellent, what I was looking for to add my adsense ads without messing with the templates.
So great work. :) Thanks
works great! thank you!
It is a perfectly working ad manager. It lacks statistics features, though, which is why I give it a four star. Had it got such features, it could blow any other ad manager out of the water. But hey it's a free add-on, so I can only be grateful. Thanks once again.
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