Unmaintained Badges 1.0.6

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An excellent addon, just amazing, and very much needed for every community! Works nicely!
I have just started using it, but already see a lot of potential!
The plugin works Grate, Had one issue the code would not remove a badge when user criteria no longer is met ( User Group ) but we added it ourself
User criteria doesn't work anymore, so unless you want to manually hand out the badges I would look for an alternative.
Best addon I've been looking. found a lot but they all paid. thanks for making the plugin will the update for version 2.1.5?
Amazing plugin, There is another plugin that is similar and its paid but even its abandoned, I feel I might have to abandon it as it keeps breaking. You have created an alternative something that is absolutely important on my forums!
This is a fantastic add-on. I would honestly pay for this, I'm surprised it's listed for free! I'd be more than happy to leave a donation for this, so drop me a message! :)
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