Auto Delete

Auto Delete 1.7

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This is perfect. I have a thread which has news posts from an RSS feed. I move any thread which generates a discussion to other forums and now can leave the ones left to auto delete. Many thanks.
Another must have addon for large forums. Especially the social forums tend to explode over time. This little gem keeps a lot of my forums in check. Love to see the expansion to Conversations ;)
Useful Add-on
Another great Andy addon! Thankyou :), works as it's supposed to but would like to see the option to delete threads within the set forum with zero replies only based on the time set.

Zero replies > 60 days > auto delete.

I know we have addons available for this already but one mod installed is better than two?
Ahh ... it works now as its named - Auto Delete. Thanks!
I use this one since 2 years! Nice Add-on, Xcelent !
Working fine, delete automaticaly threads after XX days set
Super en Français :D
I have a sell forum where users can sell their stuff and each thread is deleted if nobody replied to it in the past 60 days.

If you want to keep your forum tidy, give it a try.