Resources by AndrewSimm

[Andrew] Banned Users List AndrewSimm
Displays a list of banned users in the members section
[Andrew] Profanity Filter AndrewSimm
Gives users the option to turn off censored words
[Andrew] Moderator Panel AndrewSimm
A suite of enhanced options and visibility all built into a single moderator panel
[Andrew] Negative Reactors AndrewSimm
Display a list of the top negative reactors to your content
[Andrew] Positive Reactors AndrewSimm
Display a list of the top positive reactors to your content
[Andrew] Bookmark Users AndrewSimm
Bookmark users using the built in Xenforo bookmarking system.
[Andrew] Soft Deletion Requires Reason AndrewSimm
Requires moderators to enter a reason when deleting a post or thread
[Andrew] Polls Started Visibility AndrewSimm
Provides a list of polls started by users in their account's page
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