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Unmaintained Are You a Human? v0.1

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This unofficial plugin provides support for the Are You a Human? CAPTCHA service. It uses their official PHP API with a thin xenForo wrapper to allow for easy integration.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download package
  2. Upload files in upload/ to your server
  3. Install the addon-lukegbAreYouHuman.xml file via xenForo's addon install system
  4. Go to Home->Options->[LukeGB] Are You a Human?
  5. Configure your publisher and scoring keys
  6. Go to Home->Options->User Registration
  7. Select "Are You a Human" under "CAPTCHA"
  8. You're done! Check to make sure it works.
I strongly recommend that you ensure that your "Game Style" is set to "Embedded" in the AYAH dashboard!
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Works Perfect on my forum !!!

Very Thanks for this friend.

Prevent Spam perfect !!!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome worked great and super simple to install. Please use this version over the other one. I switched to this version and it allows all the set width commands to work for the Areyouahuman captcha box size. The other version did not.
Works as advertised, just finished testing registration when completing a game, which works, if you don't complete the game, you will not be able to register. Simple set up and install.
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