[AP] Daily Goals

[AP] Daily Goals 2.5.0

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  • Rename stats_type -> content_type in History entity
  • DBTech Shop: Allow the goal to count purchases of a specific item
  • Siropu Shoutbox: Create admin options for automatically posting in the Shoutbox when a goal has been met
  • Siropu Chat: Create admin options for automatically posting in the Chat when a goal has been met
  • Create "User upgrades" goal
  • Create "Trophies" goal
  • Create "Profile posts" goal
  • Create "Polls" goal
  • Add hint underneath timeframe numberboxes
  • Fix broken page nav buttons in admin goal editor
  • Fix goals not respecting minimum goal value
  • Fix disabled goals disappearing from the GUI
  • Fix issue where history deletion job could not actually be disabled
  • Fix upgrade error when Bob's Showcase addon is installed
  • Create cron job & respective admin option for deleting History items older than the specified amount
  • Add warning to "reset streak" button confirmation
  • Fix display_totals() in admin goal editor template
  • Reduce query count in admin panel goal editor
    • Use a left join on the Goal entity when fetching the goals history
    • Use phrase groups for "longest $contentType streak" phrases
  • Fix padding of pagenav in admin goal editor
  • Type hinting error on PHP 7.4
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  • Many cleanups and improvements
  • Create style property for controlling color of text-shadow on widget percent text
  • Create style property for controlling strength of text-shadow on widget percent text
  • Use phrase groups for streak graph
  • Support [OzzModz] Post Comments
  • Create Siropu Shoutbox message goal
  • Create Siropu Chat message goal
  • Create DBTech Shop Item Purchase goal
  • Create GUI in Admin Panel -> Content -> "Manage goals"
  • Fix UBS / Blog widget using incorrect stat_type
  • Remove "Disable X goal" option validators (the new single cron job will only run queries for enabled jobs)
  • Combine all "Longest streaks" widgets into one class
  • Combine all counting cron jobs into one function
  • Various other cleanups
  • Don't show goals on the streak graph if a user lacks the relevant permission
  • Create style properties
    • Smooth graph lines
    • Show graph line area gradient
    • Show graph line points
    • Streak graph article / AMS color
    • UBS / blog line color
    • Showcase item line color
    • Resource line color
    • CAS / Classifieds ads line color
    • RMS / Review line color
    • IMS / Item line color
    • LD / Link line color
  • Create option callback to disable relevant counting cron job entirely when a goal has been disabled
  • Stop using whereSql() in counting functions
  • Use phrases provided by AMS instead of creating our own duplicates
  • Create missing "Longest article streak" widget
  • Add support for LD / Link Directory by Bob
  • Add support for IMS / Item Management System by Bob
  • Add support for XFRM / Xenforo Resource Manager
  • Add support for CAS / Classifieds Ads System by Bob
  • Add support for RMS / Review Management System by Bob
  • Add support for UBS / User Blog System by Bob
  • Add support Showcase Items by Bob
  • Migrate all original goals (Post, Thread, Member, AMS / Articles) over to using the AbstractGoal method
  • Create AbstractGoal class to ease supporting of 3rd party addons
  • Don't fetch goal types which have been disabled
  • Use XF datalist tags instead of hardcoding them
  • Improve PHP8 compatibility
  • Fix "Longest X goal streak" widget headers still show if the goal was disabled
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  • Fix "invalid argument supplied for foreach()"
  • Fix non-post goal counters having hard coded colors / not respecting style properties
  • Create "article" goal type for AMS
  • Display "No previous goals counted" message in the Streak history table if addon has just been installed
  • Run counting jobs post-install
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This update fixes a potential security vulnerability - all users of this addon are advised to upgrade​

  • Various function & template cleanups
  • "Streak" icon in widget header doesnt align to the right on certain themes
  • Fix potential SQL vulnerability involving the "Streak graph range" option (versions affected: v1.6.5 - v2.1.1)
  • Add "noindex" to streaks page
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