AntiSpam by CleanTalk

AntiSpam by CleanTalk 2.7

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Fix: hashes.
Fix: lib folder name.
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Upd: lib.
Fix: Cookies. 'samesite' attribute added.
Fix XF 2.1 issues.
Fix: sending logs.
Fix: Add script uri to basehost.
Fix: RC for subfolders fixed.
Fix: missing response class in cleaner.
Fix: Server url option fixed.
Fix: Spam Cleaner fixed.
Fix: SFW updating moved to a separated flow.
Fix: Backward compatibility for Xenforo 2.0.
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Fix: SFW issues with large data.
Fix 2.2 XF compability.
Fix: Render template args.
Upd: Update classes.
New: content checking system. Users with fewer than 3 messages will be checked by plugin.
New: SFW page
Fix: Correct SubContainer initialization
New: Storing request's hash into db
New: Sending a feedback implemented
Fix: Agent become dynamic
Fix: Select hash fixed
New: SpamCleaner feedback integrated.
Fix: Correct isspam handle.
Fix XFCP option extends
Fix internal stop words
Other minor improvements
New option for enable/disable spam check in conversations
New option for changing blocking method
Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Update SFW class, handle DB exceptions
Fix PHP warnings
Fix bug when SFW page calls multiple times
Fix bu when plugin doesn't find the fastest server
Send/update SFW databases each hour/day
Other minor improvements