AntiSpam by CleanTalk

Unmaintained AntiSpam by CleanTalk 2.8

No permission to download
Install failed with a lot of errors preventing me even to go to Admin CP.
I was obliged to disable add-on by cmd.php and then immediately delete. The pity thing is I've paid 2 years for 3 website - will try to get the money back.

XenForo 2.2.4
CleanTalk Team
CleanTalk Team
Hello, this error was fixed in the latest 2.7 build
I had to use country block because some messages were published although. After some learning, it helps everyday.
I had such high hopes for this as I needed more spam protection for XF2. This was easy to install, configure, and the interface for cleantalk was nice. Unfortunately, it didn't actually stop much spam and incorrectly stopped more good posts than bad. I'd gladly pay for the service if it worked for me.
I used an anti country block, honeypots, xenforos options such as stopspam and different captchas; this works! 5 Stars. Don't know why others gave you such a hard time!

This person has been keeping me busy! Thanks, will subscribe and other's should also! Don't listen to the guy above; either they didn't know how to use or just sabotaging.
Gotta love the moxy of an "antispam" plugin spamming the hell out of your inbox, first begging for $$$ , then begging for you to give positive reviews ... Seriously, funny as hell