Alter Ego Detector

Unmaintained Alter Ego Detector 1.7.8

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  • Add missing code event listener for allowing banned users to logout
  • Fix "A non-numeric value encountered" (php 7.2+ compatibility issue) when "IP Detection" option isn't in the expected format
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  • Option to allow banned users to logout (enabled by default)
  • Remove unneeded SQL query from login-path
  • Fix damaged alter ego reports causing search indexing issues
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  • Simplify number of phrases when reporting detected alter-egos, removes some _single phrases which are pointless.
  • Add missing phrase, mostly impacts upcoming (paid) Report Queue's add-on which enables multiple queues to be used with the Report Centre.
  • Harden report title to prevent errors when reports are indexed for search
  • Tweak IP phrase (include matching IP)
  • Report where a user is detected.
    • ie on login or registration
    • By default included in the message phrases.
    • Phrase variable "{detectionType}" for the following phrases:
      • aed_thread_message
      • aed_thread_message_single
      • aed_thread_subject
      • aed_thread_subject_count
  • Make IP matching feature more efficient
  • Ensure the report is bumped on multiple socks against the same user when the report is in a state which is suppressed for sending duplicates reports.
  • Option to require moderated users todo email confirmation rather than being accepted or rejected.
  • Ability to change detection logic from requiring cookie or IP to cookie and ip, or just matching on cookie.
    • If IP matching is enabled, the IP is now reported.
  • Ability to whitelist IP ranges against alter-ego matches:
    • Accepts IP ranges in CIDR notation, wildcards, single IPs like XenForo's banned IP system
  • Prevent ignorable errors breaking report indexing (with Report Improvements)