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[AL] Core Package 1.7.0

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In this version, we removed the legacy class extension support option. The feature is needed only in our Filter add-ons and is moved to the Filter Framework.

Upgrade to this version if any add-ons you use require a newer version.
This version adds a help to sanitize item title before passing it to PayPal, as special characters in the item title may cause the payment to fail. The change is used in specific add-ons and does not automatically change the behavior of PayPal payment method.

Upgrade to this version if any of the add-ons you are using requires a newer version.
The release fixes an issue on XenForo 2.2.13 that can cause PHP errors from different add-ons that use the class extension system.

Disabling the option "Legacy Class Extension Hack" in Admin -> Options -> [AL] Core section will fix the issue.

In case you have lost access to the admin panel, upload the files from the released package, and it will fix the error.

This version also adds ability to disable the option via config.php, where you can add:


Please note, that the constant will work only when the files from this version are already uploaded to the server.

It is unlikely you need the option enabled unless you are using older versions of one of our Filter add-ons released before Aug 3, 2022. If that's not the case, make sure to disable the option now to avoid any breaking changes.

Thank you!
The update fixes the branding message from our add-ons to add rel="nofollow" to the URL.

Please update with this package if you are using any of our add-ons with branding message.
The release contains changes related to public-facing custom pages built with this package. Please upgrade if any of our add-ons you are using requires the new version.

Thank you!
This release includes fixes for the issues on PHP 8.1 version:

Fatal error: During inheritance of ArrayObject: Uncaught ErrorException: [E_DEPRECATED] Return type of AddonsLab\Core\Xf2\Admin\FilterFormParams::eek:ffsetGet($key)
The update applies a definitive fix for the class extension hack, based on suggestions from @Xon.

The update is backward-compatible with our add-ons, so applying the update will keep the current hack active, however, once you have upgraded other our add-ons to the latest versions (new versions of all Filter add-ons will be released within 24 hours to support the new system), you can disable the hack by unchecking the option Legacy Class Extension Hack in add-on options page. Once unchecked, the legacy system will be deactivated, and any compatibility issues with third-party add-ons should be resolved.

Thank you!
This version fixes a bug that could cause compatibility issues in class extensions with other add-ons.

Please apply if you are using any older version of this package.

Thanks to @Xon for highlighting the issue and the solution.
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Admin panel pages support for code editor fields. Please apply if any of your products require this version.
This version adds the library Mobile_Detect and adds variables available in all templates to detect if the current page is viewed on a mobile/tablet device:

<xf:if is="$xf.isMobileBrowser">
    Visitor is using a tablet or a phone.
    <xf:if is="$xf.isTabletBrowser">
      Visitor is using a tablet.
    <xf:else />
      Visitor is using a phone.
  <xf:else />
    Visitor is using a computer/non-mobile device.
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