• Additional performance improvements for big boards
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This version includes many important performance improvements and bug fixes. We recommend everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

New Features:
  • Admins can now force users to block each other
    • AdminCP -> Search user -> Edit User
    • OR through Public user profile -> "Moderator tools" dropdown -> Edit
      • From there, look for the "Force user blocking" block towards the bottom of the page)
      • Note: This can be applied as a 1-way or 2-way block. To use the 2-way "true" block, edit both users and add the other user for each.
  • Global ignore can now also be enabled on a user group basis
  • Added an option to hide global ignored user content completely
  • "This user is globally ignored" notice is now red to stand out
Bug Fixes:
  • Performance optimizations: completely re-did a feature that affected performance
  • Improved the way that determines if the "show ignored content" message is shown
  • Admins can now always view global ignored use profiles, even if they don't have permission to view global user ignored content
  • Other optimizations / code refactoring
Additional optimization (related to the last update)
Bug Fix
  • Optimizes a query that had a noticeable load impact on large boards
  • Fixes an "undefined index" error sometimes triggered when showing the post reactions list
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes a bug that would not entirely remove non-first posts when the "bypass first post" setting is enabled
  • Fixes an error caused when the add-on was disabled (made columns nullable)
New Features:
  • Added support for "Who's Online" page and widget
Bug Fixes:
  • 2-way ignore permissions will now correctly re-apply when a user is added/removed from a user group
New Features:
  • Added admin option to set the default values for user profile options
  • Added support for XF Resource Manager
  • Added support for XF Media Gallery
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a potential bug when showing the next non-ignored post for a forum in the "Last Post" column
New Features:
  • Adds an admin option to allow showing threads started by users that 2-way ignore others, regardless of their 2-way ignore setting. (only the first post is shown, no other posts)

Bug Fixes:
  • Ignored users are now completely removed from the reactions bar list (under posts/conversations/profile posts)
  • "Invalid thread" error now shows when ignored users directly access threads with URL
Bug Fixes:

- Fixes an error that would come up during certain cleanup tasks