[AddonFlare] Paid Registrations

[AddonFlare] Paid Registrations 1.5.0

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XenForo 2.1 Support!

We're happy to announce that Paid Registrations 1.5 is now fully compatible with XF 2.1.
Please upgrade as normal, all your data will be kept.

Other updates:
- Minor stability improvements
A few more bug fixes, new features will be added after XF 2.1 gold is released

Note: This version requires XenForo 2.0.10 or later

- The "complete registration" page will now check if the guest purchase email has already been used

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed small display bug in the "purchase" overlay for mobile
  • Show payment profile "Display Title" (if available) in the "Account Upgrades" page
Note: This version requires XenForo 2.0.10 or later

Bug Fixes:
  • Improved compatibility for 2.0.10, 2.0.11, 2.0.12
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the Stripe API
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the "complete registration" email from being sent after PayPal payment
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes not log the transaction after payment
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't redirect the user to the complete their registration after payment
Additional Notes:
To ensure the user is always properly redirected to complete their registration after paying through PayPal, please do the following (recommended)
  1. Log in to your PayPal account and go to your preferences page
  2. Enable "Auto return" and set the return URL to the registration URL of your forum
  3. Enable "Payment data transfer"
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Note: This version requires XenForo 2.0.5 or later

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bugs + improved compatibility with the latest Stripe API
- Fixed an issue with PayPal that would sometimes not redirect back to the registration page
- Fixed a potential bug that wouldn't allow guest purchases if the "view" general user group permission was set to never for guests

New Features:
- Added a check to require unique emails for the initial "email" input (for guest purchases)
- Added an option to force the user to complete registration with the email that was first inputted (disallow modifying email in registration form)
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New Features:
- Added option to enable/disable the PayPal auto-redirect when it's the only payment provider available
- Added option to disable custom amount for guests (individual setting per account type)
- Added option to set the minimum amount for custom amount types (individual setting per account type)
(Thanks to @Nirjonadda for the suggestions above)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong price in the email receipt for custom amounts
New Features:
- Introducing "Aliases": Combine multiple user upgrades of the same type and display all combinations in one place. (Thanks to @Alfa1 for the suggestion)
Example, if you have:
1. Premium - 1 Week (non-recurring)
2. Premium - 1 Month (non-recurring)
3. Premium - 1 Year (non-recurring)
4. Premium - 1 Week (recurring)
5. Premium - 1 Month (recurring)
6. Premium - 1 Year (recurring)

You can set them as aliases and the user can easily pick and choose.

- [Full Version Only] Allow Custom Payment Amounts: You can now allow custom amounts for specific user upgrades that will allow users to specify any amount they choose to pay for the upgrade. Useful for donation based upgrades. (Thanks to @Alfa1 for the suggestion)

- Automatically redirect users to PayPal payment page if PayPal is the only payment type available. (Thanks to @hfgreg for the suggestion)


This update contains the following:

  • Fixes an IE related bug that caused the upgrades to not display properly
  • Added a new account type option "Is Featured", if enabled it will display a small badge over that user upgrade. The badge text can be customized in the "af_paidregistrations_featured" phrase (see screenshot)
  • Added an option to also show/hide the right sidebar (Paid Version Only)
  • Fixed a minor issue with the branding-free version


Due to popular request, we have implemented the elegant display in the "account upgrades" page for registered members. However, this is a feature only available on the paid version.

We have also added new settings to enable/disable the elegant display for guests and registered users.

We would also like to thank everyone that has supported the product, we hope you enjoy :)

Bug fixes:
- The email address of the registering user will now be auto-filled in the registration form

Other Changes:
- The admin panel settings have been moved under "User customization"


Added "Permanent" text for user upgrades with permanent length, text can be changed with the "af_paidregistrations_permanent" phrase