Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Updates duration
3 Months / 12 Months / Lifetime
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment

Note: The Lite/Free version is available on our website, choose the "Lite" option on the product page.

How many paid subscriptions are you losing each month because your users don't know the benefits of purchasing a user upgrade? Do they even know they can upgrade?

Would it hurt to make more $$$ each month?

Introducing Paid Registrations, an absolute must-have for forums that offer paid subscriptions.

Once installed, the registration flow will go from:
  1. User visits registration page
  2. User fills registration form and submits
  3. Registration is complete
  1. User visits registration page
  2. Account types are presented in an elegant way and user chooses one (screenshot)
    • If a paid user upgrade is selected
      • User is redirected to payment page
      • After payment is complete, user is redirected to registration form
    • If no upgrade is selected, user is redirected to registration form
  3. Registration is complete
Lite vs. Full Version

Supported Payment Providers
Free: Only PayPal
Full : PayPal, Stripe + more (as requested)

Can force paid registrations?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Allow Gift Upgrades?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Extend/Renew Upgrades?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Expiry Notifications/Reminders?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Built-in Coupon/Promo Code System?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Can allow custom payment amounts?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Can enable elegant display for registered users?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Display theme options
Free: Only 1
Full: Default + more in updates

Free: Basic Support
Full: Priority Support

You have full control over which user upgrades are presented, display order, color, amount per row, etc...

It integrates with the payment profiles you already have, so setup is a breeze.

See it working live (click "register")

Feedback / reviews / ratings are always appreciated!

Enjoy :D

Additional Services: Import From PemBer

  • 3X your forum's revenue
  • Ability to require payment for registration
  • Higher membership control
  • Display and compare user upgrade perks in an elegant way
  • Gift Upgrades
  • Extend/Renew Upgrades
  • Expiry Notifications/Reminders
  • Built-in Promo/Coupon Code System
  • Quick and easy setup

  • Supports length specific, permanent and recurring user upgrades
  • Custom payment amounts specified by the user
  • Integrates with existing payment profiles
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Choose which upgrades to show/hide
  • Customizable upgrade box colors
  • Customizable display order
  • "Feature" certain user upgrades
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First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Critical Update

    Critical Update This version makes guest purchases compatible with Google Chrome's latest...
  2. Improved compatibility + bug fixes

    Changes: Improved XF 2.2.6 compatibility Prevents errors "Trying to get property 'extraData'...
  3. New Features + Bug Fixes

    New Features: Adds AJAX "apply" button for coupon code input Adds support for 100% off /...

Latest reviews

I love it. Have been using it for close to a year now and it works perfect. It is a little pricey but for what you get, well worth it
Had some small issues with the previous version but the addon has been running fabulously ever since.
Great add-on. Had been using the free version for 18 months and it operated flawlessly. Have just upgraded to the paid version so that I can use some of the extra features - such as discount coupons. Excellent support too.
Not only is it great software, but these guys also helped me debug an issue at 11pm on a friday night. Amazing support and highly recommended.
Glad we were able to help Cassidy. Happy holidays!
Easy to setup and the signup page looks amazing. Thanks to @alfa1 for referring us to this. He answered a few questions via inbox that helped me make a good decision
Thanks for your review, happy to hear you're enjoying it! Also, thanks @Alfa1 for the recommendation!
Visible review.
Yes, but removable with payment.


Is this a fair balance then? A link in exchange for a star.

An okay mod, but asking a 99 dollar premium on top of an already hefty price tag to remove just a footer link is not what I deem acceptable.

Perfectly fine for a free mod, but not after paying an annual fee to use the full version.
Thanks for your review. However, a 1 star rating because branding-free is an additional cost is manipulative and unfair. It wouldn’t be fair for our other paying customers to give you branding-free for no additional cost like you demanded. Just about every other major developer here operates the same way. Best of luck.
Top notch add-on, updates and support from Ivan! Migrated from Pember and highly recommend! They've been extremely responsive to any feedback and have made updates quick!!
Thank you for your review, Ken, it was great working with you! Glad we could help keep your PemBer subscriptions on XF2 :)
Great Add on and Fantastic Service from the guys at AddonFlare, specially Ivan.

I contacted these guys for integrating a 'custom payment provider.

They were real quick in developing the same at a reasonable price. After-sales support from Ivan was also great.

He reached out to me to see if everything's was working fine and actually did provide me solutions for some minor changes.

Highly Recommended! Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
It was a pleasure working with you, Deepak. Glad we were able to solve this for you!
Great addon and amazing support. We are installing it on all of our sites as I know Ivan will be there to support us along the way.
Cassidy, thank you for your review! We’re happy to help however we can. I look forward to seeing Paid Registrations running on all of your sites :)
Absolutely fantastic! A MUST HAVE add-on for anyone who is serious about monetizing their forum. I've been using it for about a month now and instantly noticed that more of my members who sign-up are using the paid option.

This add-on works great on mobile and desktop, and I have yet to find any bugs with it.

Keep up the good work AddonFlare!
Thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! Happy to hear about your great results with it :)