AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock]

AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] v2.0.5

No permission to buy ($15.00)
  • Added an administrator option/feature to allow you to set the prompt on X page views (instead of every page view)
  • Randomized the current JS identifier (will do this on all new releases moving forward)


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This is a non-required update, v1.8.3 works fine and is a touch more difficult for newbies to circumvent.
  • Removed JavaScript obfuscation (WP JetPack was saying "Core.JS.Malware")
  • This update will no longer report a false positive for Core.JS.Malware
Strongly recommend upgrading to this version.

revert any previous templates if the admin panel says they're out of date.
  • Fixed false-positive issue
  • Added eval to identifiers
  • Added try, catch statement to help prevent blocking
  • Added another Javascript randomizer
  • Updated to ensure jsmin="1" is set
  • Build-release now removes non-minified javascript
This is a major improvement and recommended update. Thanks to @bzcomputers for the heads up.

  • Can no longer be circumvented by AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, or similar AdBlockers
  • Uniquely and randomly create every major CSS class per-page-render
  • Improve mobile responsivity
  • Added a little more room for custom messaging (for anyone that altered the display message)
  • Improved CSS by removing "&" operators (helpful for anyone that may want to adjust the styling)
  • Fixed a small JavaScript issue (removed JavaScript and uses current page URI instead)
  • Improved mobility and responsive nature of AdBlock prompt/dialog on mobile (small devices)
  • Further randomized "advert ID" per installation to prevent community blocking
  • Moved options to the bottom of XF options list as per best practices
The following update was made to ensure the ad-detection message is not indexed by crawlers and Google Bot:
  • Detect bots and crawlers
  • Disable anti-AdBlock message from appearing to crawlers bots
Additionally, as a preventative measure to thwart community-based sharing-based adblockers the Detection Key was randomized between Xenforo installations - making each customers unique. A future update will delve into this further.

The ADS.JS was moved so after updating to this version you can delete the following file: /js/ads.js

If you installed to a sub-folder, such as /forum/, you can delete: /forum/js/ads.js
  • Added option to exclude detection on common pages:
    • Register
    • Login
    • Error
  • Made excluded pages customizable if you want to exclude more templates
  • Made dialog full size and more responsive on small screens (mobile, etc)
  • Fixed window size on larger screens
  • Updated phrase language to reduce text for fixed sized window
  • Updated purchases over to FetchApp
  • Anyone that previously purchased on Selz can continue to download there
  • On request, added three themes for the overylay
    • Dark
    • Light
    • Default
Note, users will need to "revert" the following template: wutime_adblock_script_detection after upgrading the addon
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