adblock detector

  1. alexD

    [adblock_hide] BB code to protect content from ad blockers in threads 2.0.1

    Give an incentive to your visitors to disable their adblockers by selectively hiding interesting parts in posts. This add-on creates a new BB code: ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸[plain][adblock_hide="[/plain]It includes some very interesting information!"] Only visitors who have their ad blockers disabled...
  2. rellect

    [rellect] AdBlock Detector 1.7.3

    - Click <here> to buy. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the order. - The download link will be sent automatically to your email address a few minutes after the transaction is complete. - Support and updates are provided based on available time. For more information and refund policy...
  3. rellect

    [rellect] AdBlock Detector [Paid]

    rellect submitted a new resource: [rellect] Adblock Detector - Alert visitors to disable adblock. Read more about this resource...