AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock]

AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] v2.0.5

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  • Bug fix missing DOM variable
  • Moved crawler detection
  • Randomized one variable
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  • Made the secondary detection crawler friendly
  • SEO friendly (will not fire on known bots)
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  • Added fallback injection method if basic injection is detected clean
  • Randomly re-tests other known elements up to 12 times
  • Automatically minifies entire addon (JS, HTML, CSS)
  • Automatically randomizes all JavaScript elements on fallback routine
  • The overlay can now be made almost instantaneous on load (set timer to 0)
Note, setting the timer to 0 and disallowing "close overlay" will make your site almost inaccessible until the adblocker is disabled (to most novice users (the majority)).
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  • Added ability to close the notice for the end user
  • Ability to close the overlay follows the option setting for "Allow user to close the anti-AdBlock overlay or notice "
  • Fixed injection point for custom themes so the notice shows on custom themes
  • Fixed the notice JavaScript flash when the notice isn't to be shown on a non X page view
Thanks to @duderuud, @intgbh and @bzcomputers for their help and input
  • Added <script type="text/javascript"> for <script>
    • improves backwards compatibility with old MS and handhelds
  • Randomized identifiers
  • There's now an option to nag on first visit (useful if you've set your nag to only occur every X page views)


  • nag-on-first-visit.webp
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  • The [[ I've Disabled AdBlocker ]] button now links to the same page the user is on, not the homepage
  • Randomized the current JS identifier (will do this on all new releases moving forward)
Thanks to @bzcomputers for the recommendation
  • Updated addon language
  • Changed session counting enumeration to ensure reductions in "x views" are still captured
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