AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics

AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics v2.1.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
  4. 2.3
Updates duration
12 Months (with active subscription)
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AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics silently tracks users that use AdBlock.

AdBlock Detected Tracker also tracks guests individually as well as registered users.

Use the power of Xenforo usergroups to deal with AdBlocker’s in a way that works best for your community.

  • Quietly identify users blocking advertisements
  • Review statistics and charts to see the frequency of AdBlocking within your community
  • Designate a specific usergroup for AdBlockers within Xenforo usergroup system
  • Promote paid membership to AdBlockers
    • Remove benefits or features for AdBlock Users
    • Or, simply target special “notices” to AdBlock users
    • Use the power of usergroup designations creatively
  • You set the limits for addition and removal to your AdBlock usergroup based on the number of times AdBlock is used
  • This does detect the most popular AdDetectors (as of June 16, 2024)
  • Please note, this will never work 100% perfectly for ALL possible ways to AdBlock
  • Please read the following few posts for a more through discussion on the subject
  • Please do not buy if you're expecting 100% accuracy across all bazillion possible implementations of AdBlock detection such as (DNS, custom Raspberry Pi-hole Domain Name Server systems, etc.)

Powerful & Flexible Abilities to Target AdBlockers:



  • Silent no-nag detection
  • Robots such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex (and about 100 others) are all ignored and not counted
  • You set the number of subsequent detection’s before moving users to a designated "AdBlock" usergroup
  • You set the number of subsequent non-detection’s to remove/demote users from the designated "AdBlock" usergroup
  • View guests by IP if selected
  • Track-only mode (simply collect statistics on your users that use AdBlock software)
    • This disables usergroup promotion and demotion
  • Full charts for each: Guests, Users, and Global (both)
  • View statistics and charts on AdBlock usage across your users
  • Per-page-view tracking
  • Ignore designated usergroups from tracking (admins, mods, etc)
  • Usergroup swap rate modifier (increase limits for users that abuse usergroup swapping)
The Always
  • Fully “phrased” for multilingual and internationalization
  • Fully supported
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Latest updates

  1. v2.1.0 - v3 detection upgrade - gold standard

    Added super fast detection v3 Added DNS adblocking detection (2 options, off by default)...
  2. v2.0.2

    Maintains chart functionality for anyone running v2.2.16 or lower
  3. v2.0.1 - Resolves the no tracking issue (XF2.3 front-end compliant)

    Tracking issues are now resolved. FIXED: Front-end tracking on XF 2.3 FIXED: Resolved a very...

Latest reviews

Absolutely brilliant addon which allows us to gather statistics on the number of ad blockers and also limit some permissions for ad blockers by putting them in a dedicated adblocker user group.
Thank you for the generous and kind review. Cheers mate.
An excellent addon, useful, the author updates it often, listens to customers, thank you very much for the good work.
Thank you @clanzone :)
Must have addon. Amazing to see how registered users had to stop their adblock on the site in order to be able to write and watch photos. It works great and people don't complain, they have an option to keep on using the adblocker buying a paid subscription or whitelist our site.
Thank you @diretur - be sure to update to the most recent version, lots of changes since you downloaded.
It's working well on my forum. I like watching to see how many people are blocking advertisements and have them moving to a special usergroup that reduces their conversation abilities. I post a notice to let them know to support my community by disabling or to pay for membership like the rest of my good users.
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