[8WR] XenUtiles (Staff) PRO

Unmaintained [8WR] XenUtiles (Staff) PRO 1.0.4

No permission to buy ($10.00)
  • Fixed some serialization errors with the developer compatibility changes in relation to XenForo 1.5.3. This issue only existed during first install, which is why I didnt catch it before.
So I created an install script for version 1.0.2... but I forgot to link the script to the actual mod! So it wasn't being run during installs. This is now fixed and databases tables will get properly created.
  • A new "VIP" members list has been added to the Notable Members page. You can select which user group to show in this list.
  • The Staff Members list now shows the parent forum in the content moderators section. This helps if some of your forums have identical names.
  • Added multiple account detection feature. This feature uses stealth cookies to automatically detect if a user is logging into multiple accounts using the same computer.
  • The end-of-life if this cookie can be set for as long as you want, but defaults to 365 days.
  • People caught using multiple accounts can be checked against the banned users database and appropriate action taken.
  • Warnings can be automatically given to multiple accounts. I myself set up a 0 point (1 day) warning; the entire purpose to generate a warning conversation message to the user to inform them that their account is being inspected by a moderator.
  • Detection reports are automatically generated for multiple accounts. Moderators can white-list multiple accounts if needed.