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Unmaintained [8WR] XenAtendo (Events) 1.5.0b

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Fixed some bugs that prevented this addon from being used in XF1.2. You do not need to run any update scripts with this hotfix; just upload the files.
Lots of files have been deleted with this version. If you want to keep your directories clean of extraneous files, you can delete your existing /library/EWRatendo/ directory before uploading the new files.
  • Removed the streaming system from XenAtendo in preparation for the future release of XenRio. More information about why this change was made can be found on this thread.
  • Because of the removal of the streaming system from XenAtendo, a lot of changes have been made to files and tables.
    • bbcode for [stream] has been removed.
    • secret 24/7 event create page has been removed.
    • admin front end for services has been removed.
    • can administrate permission has been removed.
    • streaming data for events have been removed.
    • services table for streaming has been removed.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue where thread titles of recurring events would not get updated.
  • BUG FIX: fixed uninstall procedures for XenAtendo.
  • NOTICE: the existing EventsUpcoming block in XenPorta 1.5.6 will not work with this version of XenAtendo. A new version of this block will be included with XenPorta 1.5.7. Disable the block until you can install XenPorta 1.5.7.
  • Cleaned up the "Location Information URL" option. The reason for this is to make it easier to change the option to suit other services than googlemaps. One user in particular wanted to use this feature to display a Minecraft Map instead; now you can with far less errors.
  • Added an option to disable the inclusion of extended venue information: address, city, state and zip. Some people just don't have a need for this since all of their events are online. Keep in mind events that dont have extended venue information wont have any "maps".
  • BUG FIX: A bug was discovered in the last version, where if someone created an event forum, and then that forum was deleted, the options page for XenAtendo would break. This is because XenAtendo would still be looking for that now deleted forum. This bug should now be fixed using a check to make sure the forums exist when it loads up the options page.
  • KNOWN BUG: There is a known bug where if an event forum has a subforum, its create event topctrl will disappear. This is due to XenForo's inherit design in that XenForo will kill all topctrls on forum_view when the forum has children in order to move the topctrl down below the children.

    Currently there is no XenForo hooks in place to get around this issue so I will not be fixing it as I would prefer not to require users to edit templates to use my mods. You can get around this issue for now by enabling "override top control" for that specific forum.
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  • There is now an option to enable "24-hour mode".
  • There is now an option to enable "15-minute intervals".
  • You can now edit the thread-prefix of any event which has a linked event thread from the edit page of that event.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue where time conflicts would not be processed correctly if two events started and ended with an hour long overlap.
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Hey guys! Its the holiday season, and this mod is free! If you candonate, please do! Or buy, the branding removal option! Anything you can do to help, will be greatly appreciated!
  • You can now edit service parameters (though I doubt anyone will need this except me).
  • A check has been put in to prevent malicious users from editing events in which they did not have permissions.
  • When using the "create new event" button from a forum, it will now automatically check the event thread option and select that forum.
  • You can now assign display cutoffs and override thread creation options on a per event forum basis.
  • Events Archive page will no longer display an error on new calendars.
  • Options page has been updated to work with PHP 5.4.
  • Added some missing phrases.
  • Removed the /stream route. This is a feature that has confused people and was just a general pain in the ass. With the addition of the 24/7 stream feature in a previous version, this became obsolete.
  • JustinTV/TwitchTV jQuery will now pull in the correct number of viewers.
  • Googlemap jQuery will now properly encode URIs.
  • Added an option to enable/disable endless events. Endless events do not have an "expiration", they will run till the end of time. Disabling endless events will force the event creator to set a stop date if they create a recurring event.
  • All new "recurring" events will now have a default "expiration" of 1 year after the creation date. This will make it so that if an event stops, but the creator of the event forgets to delete it from the system, it will event stale itself out and stop repeating automatically.
  • Fixed an issue where events that wrapped around the end of the month/week/day would appear multiple times, or possibly on days when they were not occurring.
  • Stream Conflict notification will now give the user a link to the conflicting event.
  • Mousing over a date on a mini-calendar will now show a proper Tooltip with the number of events on that day.
  • This update is a fix for a major issue in 1.4.4. The "stream conflict" system I introduced apparently broke the "event recurrence" system. This update fixes that.
  • Added support for 24/7 streams. There is no direct link to create 24/7 streams, but its a secret link at "events/create-247". Why create a 24/7 event, instead of a 24 hour event that recurs every day? Events marked as 24/7, will not be compared in the "stream conflict" system. They will also not clog up your calendar with repeated entries as they are ONLY listed on the XenPorta Events Upcoming block.
  • Fixed an issue where forums that did not have friendly url titles enabled could not browse the calendar.
  • HTML for event description when an event does not have a thread will now format correctly.
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  • Moved images from the JS directory to STYLES. This is for CDNs.
  • Added a bbcode for embedding streams: [stream=embed/chat]id[/stream]
  • Added a seperate field in events for zipcodes.
  • Added a moderation queue system so events can be moderated.
  • Added an option to change the geolocation of google maps.
  • RSVP list has been completely redesigned to look much nicer.
  • Thread titles will now be trimmed more correctly.
  • Streams will now check conflicts in order to prevent duplicates.
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