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8thos Blue is a blue and white 1.1.2 skin that can be used without the TMS but to make use of the extra template modifications in this theme that are listed below, you must install the TMS (Template Modification System) by guiltar.


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1. Download the zip file attached and upload the contents of the folder called Upload to your forum root.

2. Go to AdminCP/Styles/Import a Style and Import either file located in the 8thos Blue by T8L folder. The file names that don't have the initials TMS are independent from the TMS. The files called TMS 8thos Blue are the styles that require the TMS to show the template edits below:

A customized XenFans Moderator Bar originally created by Floris to include useful links and a special feature. When logged in as a moderator, moderated and reported alert items do not show until there is actually something in the queue. Once it is resolved then the link goes away.

CSS Highlight on Hover Whenever you hover your mouse over a thread or conversation, it is highlighted.

Post New Reply From Thread Display - A shortcut for replying to a thread.

Style Selector Navigation Tab - A shortcut for selecting a style.

Local Time and Style Chooser Sidebar This includes everything but the local time page and link which you have to make yourself. You can change the size, position and color of the sidebar time in this theme's CSS TMS template.

Blue Like Button CSS - For those of you who are not using Post Ratings.
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