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    XF 2.1 Node thread count, messages count & sub forums positioning

    Hi. I'm tryin to customize default xenforo style, and i'm currently trying to build a forum grid. However, i'm not very good with coding even tho i'm trying to learn. I'm stuck at the moment with Node positions. I can't seem to figure out how i change positions of the Thread count, messages...
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    Hello. I'm trying to take a look at your theme demos, but i can't find any. Are your themes...

    Hello. I'm trying to take a look at your theme demos, but i can't find any. Are your themes available yet or are they still being ported to XF2? Thanks for your time.
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    XF 2.1 custom node icon image

    I know where are a few posts here and there about my issue, but for most it's been solved either through a plugin or custom code. Neither is working for me. I am using the Xperience theme and xenforo 2.1 Last thing i tried before i came here is this link...
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    UI.X 2

    No matter what i do in node layout and styling has any effect. Text colors won't change, node grid won't change, nothin will change. What am i doing wrong?
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    Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x) [Paid]

    When someone creates a group, can that admin create categories and/or forums within that group? Kinda like a sub forum within a group? If not, is this possible, or will it be a future in the, future? Thanks EDIT: I guess im blind. "Ability to create unlimited categories and nested categories...
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    EXPerience [Paid]

    Just purchased. How to install this theme to my Xenforo, exactly like the demo (from scratch)? I'm new to this. Thanks. EDIT: I figure it out. Thanks
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    Security question+post limit

    Hello. I have tried to search the forums, but i am unable to find an addon that ads a security question (something like "what color is White?") to #1 Members login window, #2 When a member creates a new post/reply. I would also like to know if there is possible to limit posts/reply? If a...
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    Image with counter with yes/no buttons

    Hi guys. I hope this is a simple request. My forum url: I would like to add 3 images next to the 3 forums like the screenshot i made here, with 3 diferent counters: When a person klick on one of the three...
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    MP3 BBcode

    Thank you. I am only trying to get a.mp3 file to run, so i can't be bothered with this atm. Thanks once more.
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    MP3 BBcode

    I only get this now: Click The Button Above To Play]Name[/url] of Track Where the playbutton are it states " File Not Found". Url to my post:
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    MP3 BBcode

    When i try to install the bb bbcode_mp3.xml i get this error: Please enter a value using 250 characters or fewer. Any solution for this? Thanks
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    this object has been blocked

    Do you know what is being blocked? Why should, lets say ZoneAlarm or any firewall block the discussion thread or any part of the website?
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    this object has been blocked

    Still waiting for a reply on both questions. What if he does? Is there other things that might cause this error? and why?
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    this object has been blocked

    Ive tried to contact him I have tried to contact him to see if there is a link to be seen (still waiting for a reply). The first error message might be a tiny bit diferent tho, because i use norwegian language. Here is a screenshot he sent me earlier:
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    this object has been blocked

    Hi. I have recieved some feedback on users using Win XP Pro andLinux Mint 12. A popup shows an error when trying to enter a page/forum/thread : The following error occurred This object has been blocked. Any suggestions? I never recieved this on my own computers.