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    Add-on Possible to use XenForo as "comment system" for more than one WordPress blog?

    Hello everyone, I guess it's mostly in the title of the post, but I'll rewrite that: I am currently looking into the option to run a gaming forum that would also be used for comments on Wordpress blogs. Is that something that's possible? Any suggestions which one maybe? Thanks!
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    Titan Punch - Titanfall Community

    Everytime I stop by on the site I am like "wow, nice improvements". Love it. Great inspiration for a new project as well. :) Best of luck with it!
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    Extra Portal

    Hey guys, has anything happend regarding this yet? :) Would love to an up to date demo as well. :)
  4. Thee | Pre-made & Custom XF Styles

    Keep the insults coming, but please don't blame me for the impression you may leave with them. But I guess it depends what kind of clients you are looking for... Anyway, see I read your post and everything you've produced so far is a lot of hot air. You are advertising tons of stuff, yet you...
  5. Thee | Pre-made & Custom XF Styles

    Wow, what a professional start. I am sure I'll look out for your service when I need someone to help launch a site. You definitely show how it's done right, really. Premature announcement and boasting to the maximum gurantee attention after all! Not sure it's the kind of attention a new site...
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    [oxy] News Portal [Paid] [Deleted]

    @0xym0r0n, can I ask you for one thing? Please stop making announcement and promises and just release. It's making you look very unprofessional in my opinion. I know how hard it is, I love to tease, I love the reaction of the audience, but you are offering a paid product here and while you got...
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    Add-on Display threads based on something else than latest post? (randomly or ...?)

    Yeah, sure. Basically, we run a website for an upcoming online game. In these games players band together to groups (guilds, clans, whatever they are called in the niche) achieve certain task more effectively. One area of our website is giving users the chance to introduce their group with a...
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    [oxy] News Portal [Paid] [Deleted]

    I think what @0xym0r0n said is that work should be going on at a normal rate and no suspension. *g*
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    Add-on Display threads based on something else than latest post? (randomly or ...?)

    Hey guys, I am currently looking into options for one of our subforums on our website. It's basically an area where groups compete of new members. Placing rules and doing it based on moderation was tried and did not work well enough. I am now looking into the combination of giving thread...
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    Forum Statistics -

    Bring on Beta 3! ;) Looking forward to it and we'll start using it again.
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    Extra Portal

    @ExtraLicense I'd definitely give your implementation a try. :)
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    Forum Statistics -

    Works for me, but shows groups as "Administrative", "Moderating" although these have been renamed?
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    [8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO [Paid]

    I would love to have that added, so adding a +1 here.
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    XenZine Articles [Deleted]

    i am looking for places to translate "vote for this this article", loading pages" "no more pages to load" and I can't seem to find them through the system. Can anyone name the phrases maybe thanks!
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    XF 1.2 Smilies gone wild - post one, get three

    Thanks, we'll try that. Shutting down the access for now, I'll be back if there's anything else.