Add-on Display threads based on something else than latest post? (randomly or ...?)


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Hey guys,

I am currently looking into options for one of our subforums on our website. It's basically an area where groups compete of new members. Placing rules and doing it based on moderation was tried and did not work well enough.

I am now looking into the combination of giving thread starts moderation rights (I know there is an addon for that) and one that helps NOT displaying the one with the latest post "on top". This way thread owners decide how talkative they are without having an advantage over others. However, I don't have an idea how to achieve the last one. Is there an addon or anyone with an idea how to do that?



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Yeah, sure.

Basically, we run a website for an upcoming online game. In these games players band together to groups (guilds, clans, whatever they are called in the niche) achieve certain task more effectively. One area of our website is giving users the chance to introduce their group with a thread which allows for an introduction and of course news and and questions from people possibly interested in joining them. So, being "on top" usually is an advantage as you want to be seen by possible new members.


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Sounds like the best solution would be to have the Thread Display Options in that forum default to "Thread creation time".

Admin CP -> Applications -> Display Node Tree -> Select Forum -> Forum Options -> Default Sort Order -> Start Date / Descending