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    Good Php Book to start

    Can somebody recommend good PHP MYSQL book to learn php and to become a pro php programmer thanks
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    Where to upload and install

    hi all till date i did not view other threads in xenforo, only pre-sale questions. Coz i believe in xenforo, (digital point moved to xenforo - my main reason to choose xenforo) Today my question is, I want my main site be and the forum in What i will be...
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    YouTube Channel Community Website

    Thanks for sharing the experience. what is your website can you pm me
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    Data/inode usage of a large xenForo forum

    I have bought A2hosting on black friday 52% off. I will buy xenforo on wednesday.
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    Is Resource Manager to Buy

    Great, now i kind of understand. However the payment solution are outside the forum and resources. If something like the payment solutions is internal, the money is held by the forum and after sucessfull delivery the money is released will be good. Something like marketplace. thanks
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    Is Resource Manager to Buy

    so is this something like bst plugin. so users can create any resource eg psd file, ai design files and sell. Is resource manager is necessary to install addon if i want to buy any addons in the future? thanks
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    Is Resource Manager to Buy

    Is resource manager necessary to buy for inital forum setup. Can somebody explain resource manager differently, i cant get it what explained in the details. pls thanks
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    Possibly moving to Xenforo

    If i am not wrong, I think he is asking about resizing is: If you upload an image in wordpress - it resizes in different sizes ( 125x125, 200x125 ...)for thumbnails and other uses in different dimensions. So, if you upload an image in xenforo. Will it save the image as the same uploaded size...
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    Choosing Hosting

    Adam where is your site hosted, loads very fast
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    Choosing Hosting

    I was about to post a question before reading your post. Will shared hosting environment sustain user logged in state? What is the name of the add on let me see it in my admin demo. is it free/ Thanks for your post.
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    Choosing Hosting

    Thanks for the recommendation people. "XenForo uses cookies and sessions." That is what i am concerned with shared hosting. Most of the times the session will be lost. So i was thinking of cheap vps from a2 hosting ( they are good in their service too),, hmm but i have to spend time to learn...
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    Choosing Hosting

    Thanks for tutorial links BTW , how xenforo maintains the user logged in state - cookies, session, tables?
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    Choosing Hosting

    I can learn to manage it from tutorials and hope somebody helps here specifically for xenforo when i ask. Will shared hosting will keep the session and maintain the user loggedin state. BTW , how xenforo maintains the user logged in state - cookies, session, tables?
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    Choosing Hosting

    Very much confused. For Black Friday A2 hosting offers 52% off. so I can buy a linux vps unmanaged for $5/month atleast for the first year. But i am new to linux vps environment. They don't give cp, only root access. So I need to learn to use my VPS Linux to make it secure. Intially , i was...